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Sayata Gabriel

Here to help you actually get stronger from the shit life throws at you, instead of just more cynical.

Do you ever feel like you're getting in your own way as a leader?

Believe me, you're not alone. 

After a 15-year career of consulting with organizations ranging from local nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies, I've come to realize that the key thing holding most leaders back from their true potential is not a lack of information or intelligence. It's self-awareness and self-regulation.

No matter how successful you are as a leader, if you can't successfully nurture your needs as a human, all of that success could come crashing down at any moment.

That's where I come in.


Feeling crappy? You're probably just disregulated.

As someone who has experienced the effects of chronic illness and burnout firsthand, I'm passionate about helping others, from all communities, get unstuck and recover from similar experiences. Whether it's through live training, content creation, or consulting, my proprietary systems can help you distil the overwhelming amount of info out there into the clarity you need to take action and move forward.  

My Experince

My Experience

BA from the University of British Columbia

  • Degree required 100s of hours of research and critical analysis 

  • Assessed reliability of sources, analyzed scientific research studies, and wrote critical responses

  • Studied literature and their associated cultural contexts from the birth of English-language stories to modern day

Lifting up organizations who serve humans

  • Served on several local boards, including One Straw Society and Food Security Council

  • Content strategist for multiple international nonprofits 

Internationally-successful business leader


  •   Bootstrapped biz up from 30K annual to 250K annual in just 2 years.

  • ​  Worked with over 50 organizations in 20 industries on over 100 projects.

  •   Consulted for orgs from local mom and pops to international nonprofits to government and universities

“I was blown away… you really understand writing for the web. I’ve had zero success to date being able to get the results I want out of writers before this.”

“There’s a difference between being able to write and being able to write effective copy for the web. It’s obvious this is what you do, and you do it well. The copy was benefit-focused, full of CTAs, and more… but better yet, I didn’t have to teach you or drag it out of you.”

“You guys were excellent at setting expectations up front. I always knew what was coming next.... I wasn’t surprised at any step, although I was certainly impressed.”

“I was super impressed by your professionalism, your communication structure, and the quality of the content I received.”

Fiona Qualls, Q Group Web

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